Foreign media: China's electric vehicle market will explode in the next few years
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According to foreign media reports, a foreign expert said that China's electric vehicle market has achieved tremendous growth in the short term. Although China's subsidies are reduced, the market will continue to grow rapidly.

In 2014, the sales of electric vehicles in China were only 50,000, but by 2018, this number has increased by 9 times.

Jacob George, vice president and general manager of J.D. Power, a US-based global marketing information services company, said last week that China's electric vehicle market share will grow 40% a year in the next few years.

He predicted that the new energy auto industry will continue to grow and new companies may emerge.

He added that although China's ambitious goals in the field of electric vehicles may not be realized, its policies and measures are correct。

Some of these goals include a planned annual sales of 2 million vehicles for electric and gasoline-electric hybrids in China by 2020。 By 2019, each car manufacturer has produced at least one electric car。

George pointed out that "it is coming soon" in 2020, he said that he expects that China will not be able to rely entirely on electric vehicles by then。

“But is this the right development strategy for the future? It’s absolutely true. We do think this is the basic requirement: every manufacturer has at least one electric car,” he added.

George said that if foreign automakers want to develop in China's electric vehicle industry, they must work closely with other Chinese battery manufacturers and adjust existing technologies to accommodate China's concerns about remote vehicles.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that GM's plan to increase electric vehicle production in China was frustrated because the company found that its Chinese-made battery failed to achieve its performance and safety during the test. standard.

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